Practicing Faith at Home

Desert Cross isn’t gathering in person for worship or education because of the COVID-19 outbreak; however, we can be there for each other in new ways. Today we’re sharing some information with you on growing faith at home. Take a look and know that other families are gathering together and exploring these faith practices “with you” in their homes. Click the link below to visit our Children’s page.


For the Good of All

Desert Cross sent out an email today with an announcement that we’re suspending worship services, programming, and meetings until further notice because of COVID-19. It’s a difficult decision to make, but decisions like this aren’t made out of fear. Decisions like this are made to protect each other. Protect each other out of concern. Protect each other out of love. That’s what we’re called to do for Desert Cross, for our families, for our neighbors, for the world.

Click the link below to visit our Adult page for some reassuring words from The Washington Post.


Transfiguration of Our Lord

This weekend at our Worship Services we’ll be hearing about the Transfiguration of Our Lord.  It’s the last Sunday prior to the start of Lent.  During WE╬ogether Education the kids will be exploring the Gospel Lesson through some fun hands-on activities.  They’ll be making Quiet Place Collages and forming objects with Play-Doh based on the images from the readings they’ll hear during WE╬ogether Worship.  Click the link below to visit our Children’s page and read the Gospel Lesson prior to attending the Worship Service.


Ben’s Bells

Ben’s Bells will be our guest at Family Night at Desert Cross Gilbert Wednesday, January 22 at 5:30 pm. They will lead us in a conversation on kindness. Family Night is for ALL ages and for ALL types of households. Families with kids, single households, families without children, grandparents, etc. Please click the link below to visit our Children’s page to learn more about Ben’s Bells and Family Night.