Bible Study Tools

Chad Diegle, Director of Youth Ministries


Students and Parents, as you know sitting down and reading scripture is sometimes an overwhelming and confusing experience.  We often don’t know where to start or stop, are confused about the context or content, or simply avoid doing it altogether.  In recent years a group of graphic artists and teachers got together to make really meaningful videos, covering the major themes, characters, history, and lessons from scripture.  They do a fantastic job of it too!!!  Please use this link to their YouTube page the next time you are curious about something in the Bible or simply want to grow in your faith and understanding of it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Bible Study Tools

Justice in the Home

Chad Diegle, Director of Youth Ministries


As I sit here, now in JULY, I am truly floored by the magnitude and disruption that we have seen in our world, cities, schools, homes, and basically everything else.  Not only are we facing a global pandemic, but we are also in an election year, and have civil unrest around the world.  Two months ago I was confronted with a term that I thought I understood. Justice.  In the past two months, however, I have been thinking about this word non-stop.  In my search for a deeper understanding of justice, I found a well-thought-out article about justice in the home.  This intrigued me as I care deeply about our youth and our parents.  I reflected on my own parenting and how I could have been better and also ways that I succeeded in creating a just home for my family.

Click the link below to give this article a look please.  You might find ways to begin teaching about justice by offering it at home for all to enjoy.  Share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of this page. 

God’s Peace.

Justice in the Home

Serving Others Helps Teen Grow

Chad Diegle, Director of Youth Ministries


“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.” Romans 12:1
At Desert Cross, we are passionate about serving others.  In my opinion, it is one of the greatest strengths and examples that we can offer our children.  Apparently, I am not alone in my belief.  Check out this article about adolescents and the importance that serving others can have on their growth in life.  Notice that the article is from Psychology Today, not a faith-based publication.  This is exciting!  The research shows that God has literally designed us to serve others!

Click the link below to read how acts of service serve us in many, many ways.

Serving Others Helps Teens Grow

Parenting Teens

Chad Diegle, Director of Youth Ministries


When it comes to parenting teens, I am convinced that the majority of us feel as though we are just hanging on for dear life.  Obviously, there are a million methods to which we might subscribe to when it comes to our personal parenting plan, but I keep reading those listed in this article (please see the link below) and though I failed at several of them, they speak some fantastic truths.  

A few weeks ago during our weekly gathering of high school students, I asked the teens about parenting.  My two questions were:

What is something that your parents do that you do NOT want to do when/if you become a parent?

What is something that you dearly appreciate when it comes to how your parents are raising you?

No, I will not discuss your child’s answers with you =) . . . I will, however, let you know that they dearly appreciate you, even your shortcomings as a parent.  They were extremely open, respectful, and even compassionate, when it came to describing their frustrations about you as a parent.  The most beautiful responses came with the second question. You should feel proud of how much they appreciate you and your efforts.  Your explanations, laughter, and even your discipline, have been gifts for them.  

Raising a teen can be overwhelming, even scary at times.  Please know that you are not alone in your fears, you are not supposed to have all of the answers, and your children will offer you the grace and forgiveness that God has shown to each of us.  Hold these words from Matthew closely and trust that you, we, and God can figure this thing out. 

“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  Matthew 6:34

Click the link below and check out these fantastic ideas for some additional skills you might want to adopt.  Have an idea to share?  Use our comment section below.

Parenting Teens

The Gift of Listening

Chad Diegle, Director of Youth Ministries


Listening sounds so simple!  We have two ears, so it should be really easy.  You and I both know that listening, truly listening, is a skill that takes time to develop, discipline, and patience.  Tons of patience.   Listening is actually a really complex word, but it’s a word that may prove instrumental in building a healthy relationship with our teenage children.     

Reflecting on my experiences as a youth leader, I am often put in situations where listening is the single greatest gift I can offer to our teens.  I listen to weird stories, strange situations, moments of doubt, conflict, pain, loss, grief, great joys, deep love, shallow lust, and the list could go on for pages.  This act of listening is difficult at times.  However, listening is the gift that teens crave from us.  They crave it because they need to process without judgment or hear themselves speak so that they can process how they sound or even just to get something off of their mind.

I am aware, as a parent of boys who are exiting their teen years, of how difficult it is to listen, but even more difficult than listening is listening without judgment.  At times I wonder how good my poker-face is because if my own boys were in tune with my subtle body language, I am convinced our conversations would have been far fewer and further apart.  I have been listening to teens for 20+ years, and I can promise you that it is easier listening to “other people’s kids” than it is my own.  I am convinced, however, that it is critical for us to offer our own teens this gift, maybe more important than other things we prioritize.  We value our children’s education, friend groups, sports, activities, safety, vacations, and so much more, but I believe that one PRIMARY element of their overall health and development that we tend to neglect is having access to our ears, without judgment. 

I know that if you are willing to grow in this area, for your teen, that God will work with you.  That’s good news.  My prayer for you, as a parent, is that you pray for this gift.  If you have it already, congrats!  Pray for more of it!  I also hope that you take this gift seriously, as challenging as it may be, because it could prove to be profound for your child, your family, and for you.

I found an article that offers some great advice on how we might grow in this area. Click the link below to read more. Please share your struggles and successes with us.  Reach out or use the comment section below.  We need each other as we figure this stuff out!

The Gift of Listening

Passing on the Faith

Chad Diegle, Director of Youth Ministries


I so wish, as a parent myself, that I could impart faith on my children by dropping them off at church, similar to soccer practice or their education at school.  However, I have learned over the years that this model simply isn’t as effective as we parents might have hoped.  I think that we all know that we have the most profound effect on our children’s lives, but sometimes we don’t always know how to impart the “faith” side of our lives onto our children.  Well, I don’t have the answers to this difficult dilemma, but I now know that my hunch was correct.  How we model faith for our children is, in fact, key to them carrying on the faith in their own lives.  Know that you are not alone in wondering how best to pass on your faith, and we here at Desert Cross want to walk with you as you discover how this important task might be carried out.

Click the link below to explore this topic further.  Share a comment below.  Let’s share the faith with our kids together.

Passing on the Faith

Generation after Generation

Chad Diegle, Director of Youth Ministries


My thoughts come from the recurring sentiment that older generations have towards youth.  I have heard, about a million times, that “today’s youth are (fill in the blank).”  The adjective where you fill in the blank is hardly ever a positive one.  Today, I most often hear that Millennials are lazy, entitled, and have no work ethic.  Before they were here, I often heard that the Gen X Generation was not patriotic, defiant, and selfish.  We all know what the Baby Boomers were like in the 60’s, and I am sure their parents and grandparents thought the world was doomed.  I would imagine this cycle of worrying about the next generation has plagued us since the beginning of time.  However, I’m challenging you to fight it.

Read the following article for a quick look into why these negative sentiments creep into our psyche.

Maybe we can start discussing what makes our differences beautiful rather than ugly. Start the conversation in the comment section below.

Generation after Generation

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