Take Your Kids to Church

Shannon Fossett, Director of Children’s Ministries


January is usually a time of resolutions and setting goals.  But what if we gave ourselves some grace?  Instead of adding to our to-do list, let’s look at something we are already doing and make it a bigger focus.  A friend of mine sent me this beautiful article titled Take Your Kids to Church.  I found myself smiling and nodding my head in agreement through the whole thing.  Yes, parents, you are doing a HUGE thing by bringing your kids to church.  All of us involved in Children’s Ministry are so grateful that you share your awesome kids with us!  Thank you for your commitment to bringing your children to worship and education.  If you have struggled with that commitment, the door is always open.  We’d love to have you join us!

Click the link below to read the article.  Use the comment section below to share your thoughts with us.

Take Your Kids to Church

Advent Wreath

Shannon Fossett, Director of Children’s Ministries


Do you know that the tradition of what we know now as our modern Advent Wreath began in 18th century Germany in the Lutheran church?  It is a sign for Christians to use as they wait for the celebration of Christ’s birth.  The evergreen wreath is a sign of God’s faithful promises to us.  Each candle is a reminder of the light of Christ.

We are exploring the themes of the four candles this Advent season:  Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love.   During Education time the kids are putting together their own colorful paper advent wreath.  They’re bringing them home on Sunday, December 15.

Below is a link to some Advent prayers you can use at home.

Advent Wreath

God Sightings

Shannon Fossett, Director of Children’s Ministries


The weather is finally cool enough to go hiking again. This is an activity I really enjoy, and it can be a great family outing!  There is something about being out in nature, connecting with God’s miracles that surround us.  On a recent hike I found the perfect heart rock…I seem to find heart shapes in nature a lot, and I feel it’s God’s way of saying, “Love is all around us, just keep your eyes and heart open to it.”

At VBS in the summer we talk a lot about “God Sightings”–ways we see God at work in our daily lives.  These God Sightings can be a heart-shaped rock, a beautiful sunset, a flower growing in the crack in a sidewalk, birds chirping, a smile from a friend and more.

Click the link below for a great article on “Seven Ways to Share the Joy of Creation with Your Kids.”  Enjoy the fall weather and see what God Sightings your family can find together!

Share what you discover in our comment section below.  We’d love to hear from you!

God Sightings

What Do I Tell my Kids?

Shannon Fossett, Director of Children’s Ministries


As parents we want so much for our children.  We want them to be happy, and we want to protect them.  But the reality is sad things happen, and events we don’t understand will take place.  So how do we talk to our kids about these things?

Sesame Street has been using their educational program to teach and empower kids for 50 years.  This mission has been very intentional with research on “how to make the most vulnerable among us smarter, stronger, and kinder in the face of difficult realities.”  This podcast is a conversation with Kate Bowler and Sherrie Westin, the President of Global Impact and Philanthropy at the Sesame Workshop.

You can listen to the podcast or read the transcript by clicking the link below.

Comment below on something that resonates with you.

How Do I Tell my Kids?

Kids in Worship

Shannon Fossett, Director of Children’s Ministries


Here at Desert Cross, children, youth, and family are important to us! We want to help our families live out their Baptismal Promises. We believe the “passing on of faith” is done in community.  There are HUGE benefits to having all generations praying, learning, and growing together.  EVERYONE is welcome in worship, big or small, short or tall, come one, come all!!!  It is important to us to have children in worship.  Just by sitting in worship the kids get to see, hear, and experience prayer, offering, communion, music, traditions, baptisms, Gospel readings, and more!

The article below has some great tips on how to help your children fully participate in worship.  I especially loved her idea under the “Listening” section, where you can have your children squeeze your finger every time they hear a certain word in the sermon or throughout the service.  This year we have a specific word/theme for each Sunday, and they will be listed on your Education calendars. So grab a calendar and be ready to go word hunting within worship!

Also, check the pews for a new Family Pew Card.  It has some extra tips for children in worship, as well as a coloring side for the kids.  They could even tally how many times they hear the word of the day on this card!  Let us know if you try any of these tips or if you have any of your own to share by commenting below!

Kids in Worship

A School Blessing

Shannon Fossett, Director of Children’s Ministries


Kids have been back in the classroom for a few weeks.  The projects, tests, and presentations may be piling up.  Students and teachers need our prayers throughout the school year.  Use this school blessing as a prayer with your child, grandchild, or neighbor.  Tell them you’re praying for them as they work hard in school.  Tell them you love and support them through their struggles and successes.

Click the link below.  Watch the video.  Share it with a student or teacher.  Post your experience in the comment section.

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  1. I love this idea of listening for a specific word! It reminds me of the times that James has heard his name during the sermon and the amount of joy that it brings him.


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