I’m a Lutheran

February is Black History Month. Sunday morning is often described as the most segregated hour in the United States. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is a predominantly white church, but it’s Darryl W. Jones home. He grew up in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and attended St. James Lutheran Church. His family was the only African American family in the congregation at that time. Click the link below to visit our Adult page to hear more of his story.


February Playlists

This month our Playlist theme is Listen. Being a good listener is important in all aspects of our lives and in all of our relationships. Come along with us as we explore listening through our Playlists. You’ll find links below to our Children, Youth, and Adult Playlist pages. While Desert Cross is in a time of transition in our youth ministry programming, you’ll find a list of resources on the Youth Playlist page. We hope you find these tools helpful as you explore your faith.